Bent Coin, Bent Wine Glass & Ring On Wine Glass

Effect A: Dynamo bends a borrowed coin.

Effect B: Dynamo bends a wine glass.

Effect C: Dynamo borrows a ring, and places it on the stem of a wineglass.

Explanation: Explanation: *WARNING, this is for educational purposes only - performing this trick can result in serious injury and the destruction of any property involved* Through the series, Dynamo always wears a very distinctive wristwatch - in this case, he's hiding the secret in plain sight. The watch in actual fact is a special device designed for generating very large amounts of heat, powered by a separate concealed battery pack. Appling large amounts of heat to the coin and wine glass allows him to easily bend them. To get the ring on the wine glass stem, he carefully chooses someone wearing a ring with a suitable design for the effect, and applies an incredible amount of heat to only one segment of the ring, allowing him to push it once the wine glass. Once the ring is on and the metal reseals itself, once again the design of the ring hides the fact it was partially melted only seconds before.

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