Synchronicity & Voodoo

Effect A: Dynamo causes a couple to name the same location (France).

Effect B: Dynamo burns a woman's hand with a cigarette lighter, but transfers the pain to her husband.

Effect C: Dynamo touches a volunteer, and transfers the feeling to his girlfriend.

Explanation A: A subliminal sound, repeating the word "France" was played, causing them both to think of it. Of course as soon as the cameras start rolling, they turn the sound off, so those watching on TV would never suspect.

Explanation B: Obviously he avoids burning the woman's hand by using special lighter fluid that produces cool fire - the hard part is causing the pain to travel to her husband. For this effect, Dynamo's right shoe contains a very powerful ultra violet laser pointer, which he can turn on and off with a remote control (WARNING: LASTER POINTERS CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS IS POINTED DIRECTLY AT PEOPLES EYES). He simply positions the mans hand into the path of the laser, and he almost immediately feels the heat.

Explanation C: At the moment Dynamo touches the man, an assistant shoots his girlfriend with a tiny soft dart (imagine an extremely powerful nerf gun, that shoots tiny bullets). The distance needs to be calculated carefully to make sure she feels it, but doesn't experience any pain.

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