T-Shirt Prediction

Effect: Dynamo asks Trey Songz to name an artist. Dynamo spins 360 degrees, and the artist (Eminem) is now on his T-shirt.

Explanation: While I've even talked many magicians who don't know how this effect could be possible, they have no idea how far along technology has come in recent times. The answer is a 3D projector - not the sort of 3D projector you see at a movie theatre, but a very special one designed to map and project onto 3D objects in real time. Dynamo simply has to change the color of his T-shirt, and the projector automatically puts on the name of any artist (in this case, Eminem). Notice that a clear path is needed - if anyone had walked in front of him, the illusion would be lost. To add to the effect further, in the next scene Dynamo is actually wearing an Eminem T-shirt, which he has changed into between shots.

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